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Special moments are made of delicious food enjoyed with great friends. Make your meals more memorable with the excellent quality of Feast Super Maize Meal. It has great texture, it’s extra white and simply delicious!
It’s the perfect food to make those special times even better!


Why have a meal when you can have a FEAST?

ofal-kebabs_1024bEnjoying a meal with family or friends is one of life’s greatest pleasures. We believe that these moments should be celebrated and that’s why we’re bringing you FEAST – a super maize meal made to add something extra special to your table, and to your meals.

FEAST is beautifully fluffy, perfectly white and, when you taste it, you will immediately know that the promise on the pack is true: with FEAST, you will always “Enjoy the taste of quality.”

But what exactly makes FEAST such an exceptional product? To start with, we only select the very best quality maize to put into it. Because ultimately what you put in, is what you get out. We are also proud to offer you a maize meal with unique granulation. When you cook with FEAST you will notice it has a unique texture and delicious taste, unlike any other maize meal out there. Simply put, FEAST is extraordinary. It has all the qualities to turn every meal into more than just a special occasion. Because why would you have a meal, when you can have a FEAST?

We invite you to experience the FEAST promise. Try it for yourself, and enjoy the taste of quality. And since we’re here to celebrate the good things in life, why not turn up the music while you cook? After all – you’re here to have a FEAST!





An in-pack promotion where you stand a chance of winning airtime vouchers worth R10, R20 and R50 as well as R3000 towards your FEAST every week.

Lookout for the specially marked pack in your store!



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Trade Inquiries:

Eastern Cape
Gareth Burn
084 300 2451

Southern Natal and Coast
Dave Chubb
082 552 7466

Andre de Waal
082 824 6481

Mpumalanga Highveld
Stephan Smith
082 824 6485

Mpumalanga Lowveld
Peet de la Porte
079 086 9341

Ben de Bruin
076 878 3243

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